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TIUM Solutions INC. established in November 2006, is a company seeking for the
flexible company culture, creative and innovative thinking, and a company composed of core personnel instead of an easy-going huge organization. The company is
growing up as a leading company in manufacturing machine process including
concept design, digital design, design/simulation and even visualization.

TIUM Solutions INC. has many engineers and designers with various site experiences and we will be the company with ability for the convergence of design by investing in researching, hunting and training the talented people.

Also, we promise that we will provide supply and support for the specialized solution and services including the consulting based on the technology and knowledge in
digital design, engineering and visualization areas. TIUM Solutions INC., a true partner of the hyper-connected society raising the future of customer based on the trust of
various customers, has already started a challenge.

Thank you for visiting our homepage, and we ask for your unstinting support.

Thank you.