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Industrial design company TIUM Solutions provides high quality design development and consulting based on
digital design process.

TIUM Solutions provides creative idea sketching and rendering for client’s visual idea with the most efficient,
economic digital process.

Tium design team contains Korea’s top level Digital 3D Modeling(Autodesk Alias) capability. With this advantage,
our team will add design value to client’s idea and can immediately review/modify your company’s product in the market through this digital design process.

Digital data developed with TIUM can be used as an 3D digital realization and can also use as a production data.
High precision designing skin solution for emotional design achievement is also our specialty.

We provide evaluate design mock-up & prototyping which is final step of design process, so that the client’s
product can be well produced and can be sold in the market successfully.

TIUM Solutions realizes the best design with infinite commercial value added to the Client’s product. Based on the unequaled technical skill, work experience in IT and automobile areas and designers specialized in areas of
expertise, we are expanding our innovative design contents develop business by using these Full digital design

A design strategy is established through the close cooperation with Client company, and high quality design plan
and development business is performed based on the R&D and digital technical skill in design development.


  • Based on the new idea, product concept and storytelling, design strategies and products optimized for all media environment and target customers are planned.
  • PD / PM / AD

Design development

  • Based on the R&D and technical skill in imaging, we produce a differentiated image contents that The Clients will satisfy.
  • 2D Designer / 3D Designer / Model

All the product designs including transportation, IT, home appliance, household item designs, etc. are within our
business range.