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Range of engineering service provided by TIUM Solutions Co., Ltd. embraces the whole engineering process, including engineering design standardization consulting, 3D modeling needed
for the 3D process establishment and 2D drafting in designing stage, various simulations for the products, design validation, production of prototypes by using the 3D printer and the reverse engineering stage through the 3D scanning.

Generally, there is no problem in using each functions or creating data at operating stage of 3D modeling software, however, not only the simple 3D software function education, but also the consulting about standard of data
management and standard file format creation based on a standardized document format of relevant company is
progressed in order to solve the problems, such as data format inconsistency among the team in the same
company and use of industry-specialized libraries, etc.

Based on the existing 2D drawing and conceptual drawing from client company, 3D modeling project including 3D data creation and 2D drafting is supported. And 3D modeling project can be performed in various professional
areas, such as automobile, nuclear power plant, home appliance, general industrial machine and semiconductor
equipment, etc.

FEA is a stage for reviewing the mechanical suitability of product by using 3D engineering design data before the
prototyping process, and we are proceeding the customized finite element analysis project from the general
industrial machine and the consumer product industry to the nuclear energy industry required more reliability, and
linear/nonlinear structural, thermal, fluid dynamics and fatigue analysis are available.

In order to produce a single product, completing the final assembly with various data formats by using a designing tool appropriate to each part is more frequent than completing all design with single type of data format. A single
format file is difficult to review the whole shape of assembly as the product design becomes more complex and
data increase. In order to solve these problems, we are proceeding various projects related with design validation
through the 3D file lightening technology, such as static/dynamic interference check, comparing the shape between design data and physical products, checking the ease of work and distributing in document, etc.

As production process in manufacturing industry is accelerated rapidly, cost and time spent for the physical
prototyping is directly connected with the profits of company and it is being recognized as an important factor. So we are helping the companies to reduce the cost and time for the prototyping due to the frequent design changes by supporting the projects, such as the prototyping with 3D printer which is a worldwide topic, 3D printing related
hardware technical support and the process set up for effective operating plan of 3D printer, etc.

3D scanning is utilized not only in the traditional reverse engineering to create the design data while the drawings
information is insufficient and to discover the designing decision process from the finished product, but also in the
review of products in whole manufacturing industry and especially in plant or shipbuilding industries, it is effectively utilized in construction supervision during the building or facility construction. We are proceeding these direct 3D
scanning project, technical support for related hardware, review/analysis of acquired point cloud data, conversion
into design data, etc.